Faculty and Staff

Research Interests

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Professor and Department Chair
419 GWH
Administrative Assistant
Office Manager
Garwood Hall Room 417


Associate Professor, Environmental Science
GWH 459
Assistant Professor, Biophysical Chemistry
301 GWH
Instrument Laboratories Manager, Organic Chemistry
411 GWH
Lecturer and Introductory Chemistry Lab Coordinator
363 GWH
Stockroom and Laboratories Manager/Instructor
348 GWH
Senior Lecturer, Analytical Chemistry
209B Edwin Duncan
Associate Professor and Director, Forensic Science Program
451 GWH
Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry & Polymer Chemistry
451 CAP
Assistant Professor
401 Garwood Hall
Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry
349 CAP
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
449 GWH
Senior Lecturer, Chemical Safety Education
Director of Chemistry Stockroom, NRCC-CHO
365 GWH
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
367A GWH
Professor, Analytical and Brewing Chemistry
Director, Fermentation Sciences
435 CAP
108C Edwin Duncan Hall
Lecturer, Biochemistry
209A Edwin Duncan
Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry
359 GWH

Fermentation Sciences

Wine Production Specialist
108F Edwin Duncan Hall
Assistant Professor
Edwin Duncan Hall Suite 108 108F
Assistant Professor
Edwin Duncan Hall Suite 108 108E
Lab Services Manager Fermentation Sciences
Fermentation Sciences Pilot Plant Services Lab APH