Dr. Michael Hambourger


  • Ph.D. from Arizona State University
    • Mentor: Dr. Thomas A. Moore

Professional Experience:

  • Dr. Hambourger joined the faculty at Appalachian State University in 2009.
  • One-year postdoctoral appointment in the same Arizona State laboratory. 
    • His work focused on photochemical charge-separation in organic/inorganic hybrid systems, proton-coupled electron transfers as related to photochemical reactions, and coupling biological catalysts with electrodes for technological applications.


Dr. Hambourger is establishing a new research laboratory at Appalachian State University which is aimed at developing first-row transition metal catalysts suitable for water oxidation, hydrogen production, and/or carbon dioxide reduction. His laboratory is exploring low-cost materials and processing techniques for the electrodeposition of suitable catalysts, with the hope of identifying candidates for renewable energy storage at an appropriate scale. Further, Dr. Hambourger is exploring the interface between single electron photochemical events and multi-electron/multi-proton catalytic reactions, in hopes of better understanding (and mimicking) the process of natural photosynthesis.

Students in the research laboratory are exposed to the fundamentals of electrochemistry and photochemistry, as well as to several spectroscopic techniques used to characterize the materials produced. Students are encouraged to make significant contributions to laboratory research, while developing the skills, self-discipline, and confidence necessary for a successful scientific career.

Selected Publications:


Title: Associate Professor
Department: Chemistry

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Phone: (828) 262-2759

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