Welcome to the website of the A. R. Smith Department of Chemistry at Appalachian State University. 

The department is housed in Garwood Hall at 525 Rivers Street, across the street from the Varsity Gymnasium and adjacent to the new parking deck. The main office is in GWH 417.

Please browse the information we have provided on this site to learn more about us, and come for a visit to see the facilities in which we work with our students.  A virtual tour of the campus is available, and we will gladly provide a real-time tour of our building for you on your next visit to Boone.  Just let us know when you'll be coming, and come let us show you the exciting things happening in chemistry at Appalachian.

Claudia Cartaya-Marin
Department Chair and Professor
email: cartayacp@appstate.edu


Permits for classes: You will note on the registrar's course listing that most upper level Chemistry courses require a permit. If you are seeking a permit for one of these classes, please contact your advisor and have them fill out a permit request sheet to submit to our office.

If you are requesting a permit to take a class without the corrsponding corequisite please email our office (chemregistration@appstate.edu) with the information listed below. If your are currently taking the course that you are seeking a permit for, you will be added to a wait list and once final grades are posted we will begin to issue permits.

Example: You wish to take CHE 1101 without the lab. You would submit the following information to our office.

Name: John Doe

Banner ID: 900XXXXXX

Major: Exercise Science

Class permit is needed: CHE 1101 

Reason you need the permit: Passed the lab section but did not pass the lecture section. 

Semester you took the corrsponding lecture/lab: Spring 2016



Reserved Seating Survey (link)



Adding or Dropping A Chemistry Course How-To

Chemistry courses typically consist of co-requisites lecture and labs courses. Due to this fact, the add/drop process for Chemistry varies from other departments.

If you wish to drop lecture, but remain enrolled in the co-requisite lab OR drop lab, but remain enrolled in the co-requisite lecture, please read the following advice carefully. The Chemistry Department utilizes the drop/add form which requires signatures from several people on campus. It is in your best interest to not wait until the last day to drop to complete the form. It cannot be guaranteed that your instructors or the Chemistry Department Chair, Dr. Cartaya, will be available during the last minutes of drop/add due to classes and/or meetings.

During drop/add week you will need to come by the Chemistry Office (GWH 417) to pick up the drop/add form or download here. Follow the instructions listed on the form. Additionally, you must acquire BOTH your lecture and lab instructor's signatures when dropping either course. Once the form has been signed by both instructors, bring the form to the Chemistry Office (GWH 417) to Mrs. Day or Ms. Newman for Dr. Cartaya's signature. Once Dr. Cartaya has approved the add or drop and signed the form, you will be notified to pick up the form. It is then your responsibility to promptly pick up the drop/add form and bring it directly over to the Dean's office (100 I.G. Greer) for final approval. This process must be completed prior to 10 a.m. on drop/add day! When the form is approved you will be electronically dropped from the course and can check by logging into Applnet. Additionally, the instructor of the course you dropped will be notified to remove you from the ASULearn course site.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the office via telephone 828-262-3010 or email chemregistration@appstate.edu.