Dr. Megen A. Culpepper


  • Ph.D. University of Kansas in Analytical Chemistry in 2009 
    • Mentors: Dr. Julian Limburg and Dr. Emily E. Scott
    • Her graduate work focused on determining the structure and function of a prolyl 4-hydroxylase-like protein involved in collagen production.

Professional Experience:

  • Dr. Culpepper joined the department of chemistry at Appalachian State University in 2014
    • She teaches classes in Analytical, Biochemistry, and Introductory Chemistry.
  • NIH postdoctoral fellowship at Northwestern University under Dr. Amy C. Rosenzweig 
    • She researched biological methane oxidation by the membrane protein particulate methane monooxygenase. 


Current research projects in the Culpepper lab utilize interdisciplinary techniques encompassing biochemistry, molecular biology, and analytical chemistry. Research projects investigate the protein structure and biochemical function of enzymes involved in the global sulfur cycle. Namely, an enzyme responsible for the degradation of dimethyl sulfide (DMS), the major contributing volatile organic sulfur compound (VOSC) in our atmosphere implicated in climate regulation. Research students learn protein expression and purification as well as biochemical characterization using analytical instrumentation. We utilize facilities at Wake Forest University for three-dimensional protein structure determination all towards understanding how structure dictates chemical mechanism. 

Selected Publications:


Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Chemistry

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Phone: (828) 262-7069

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