Seminar Schedule

Fall 2018 Seminar Schedule

Time and location for all seminars: 2:00 PM, GWH 110

Sept 7thRenewable Fuels and Feedstocks

Scott Geyer, AssistantProfessor 

Wake Forest University Dept. of Chemistry 

Jefferson Bates 
Sept 14thRubber-Elasticity and Electrochemical Activity of Iron (II) Tris (bipyridine)

Al Schwab, Associate Professor

Appalachian State University 

Lauren Woods 
Sept 21st Public Health Considerations on Emerging Contaminants

 Danny Staley, Division Director

Division of Public Health- NC Dept. of Health and Human Services

 Dieter Weber
Sept 28th

Early Industrial Roots of Green Chemistry &

The History of the BHC Ibuprofen Process Invemtion and it's Quality Inspirations

 Mark Murphy, Registered Patent Attorney

UVLaw Patents LLC 

Brett Taubman 
Oct 12th

 Fall Break

Oct 19th

Tardigrade Proteins & Dissiccation Tolerance

Gary Pielak, Kenan Distinguished Professor

University of NC Chapel Hill, Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics 

Brooke Christian 
Oct 26th

Iminoquinones as a Source of Electrophilic Nitrogen

Chelsea Comadoll, Graduate Student/ASU Alumna

University of Kansas-Dept. of Chemistry 

Megen Culpepper 
Nov 2nd

Industrial Coatings Chemistry

Doug Hiltz, Analyical Chemist

RPM Wood Finishes 

Claudia Cartaya 
Nov 16th

Challenge Inspired Polymer Synthesis:

Developing Materials for Biomedical and Environmental Applications

 Michael Sculz, Assistant Professor

Virginai Tech- Dept. of Chemistry

 Michael Ramey
Nov 30th

Rubber Elasticity and Electrochemical Activity of Iron (II)

Tris (bipyridine) Crosslinked Poly (dimethylsiloxane) Networks

 Al Schwab, Associate Professor

Appalachian State University-Dept. of Chemistry

 Lauren Woods