Permits for classes

You will note on the registrar's course listing that some upper level Chemistry courses require a permit. If you are seeking a permit for one of these classes, please contact your advisor and have them fill out a permit request sheet to submit to our office.

If you are requesting a permit to take a class without the corresponding corequisite please email our office ( with the information listed below. If your are currently taking the course that you are seeking a permit for, you must wait until final grades are posted before you can request a permit.  You must receive a passing grade in your co-requisite class in order to be eligible for a permit.  Also, some majors require a minimum grade in certain classes in order for them to be credited towards the major requirements, please be sure to check your major requirements  prior to requesting a permit.

Example: You wish to take CHE 1101 without the lab. You would submit the following information to our office:

  • Name: John Doe
  • Banner ID: 900XXXXXX
  • Major: Exercise Science
  • Class permit is needed: CHE 1101
  • Reason you need the permit: Passed the lab section but did not pass the lecture section.
  • Semester you took the corrsponding lecture/lab: Spring 2016
  • Semester you will be taking the course for the permit: Spring 2018

How to register for Chemistry classes (PDF, 1.3 MB)

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