Adding or Dropping a Course

New Directions to Drop a Course:

  • If the student wants to drop a course that does not have a lab co-requisite they can do that on line through Appalnet.
  • If a student wants to drop both lab and lecture courses that are co-requisites of each other they can do that on-line through Appalnet.
  • Only if the student wants to keep a lecture or lab for courses that are co-requisites of each other they need to complete the form.
  • If a student would like to drop CHE 1101 and the student is taking BIO 1801 they need to use the drop form to ask to keep BIO 1801 and needs to be approved by the BIO department. The co-requisite for BIO 1801 id CHE 1101.
  1. Student completes the fillable Drop/Add Course Form.
  2. Student needs to email the completed form to their instructor of the course being dropped. When the student sends the form to the instructor the student needs to copy the following e-mail addresses: Departmental Chairperson (  of the course being dropped, and and from the CAS Advising office.
  3. Both lecture and lab instructors and the departmental chairperson will need to review the request and reply all with their approval or denial of the course drop.
  4. Once all approvals are received by the CAS office, the drop form will be processed.
  5. The last day to drop a class by this process is June 10 for Summer I.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the office via telephone 828-262-3010 or email