Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Secondary Education

The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, Secondary Education (215A/13.1323)[T] with teacher licensure consists of at least 24 semester hours above the freshman level. the required courses are either CHE 2101 and CHE 2203; or CHE 2201 and CHE 2203, and CHE 2202 and CHE 2204; CHE 2210 and CHE 2211, CHE 3000, CHE 3301, CHE 3303, CHE 3404, CHE 3521, and additional hours selected from other chemistry courses to make a total of at least 24 semester hours. CHE 4580, Biochemistry i, is recommended. experience as a tutor through the learning Assistance program or the Supplemental instruction program is strongly recommended. The chemistry major must take PHY 1150-PHY 1151; BIO 1110 and GLY 1101; MAT 1110 and MAT 1120; and gS 4403 and re 4630 (minimum grade of ā€œcā€ required in GS 4403 and re 4630). This program also provides an endorsement in physical science. In order to obtain a secondary science endorsement, a total of at least twelve semester hours must be taken in either biology or geology or physics. Each additional science endorsement requires at least twelve semester hours of coursework in a specific science area. For information on the professional education requirements for secondary education licensure, see the department of curriculum and instruction.

2016-2017 Checksheet