Vision and Mission Statement

Department of Chemistry Statement of Vision

The A.R. Smith Department of Chemistry strives to be globally relevant by educating students prepared to contribute in a dynamic, technology-centered world. We are committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum in the chemical sciences, state-of-the-art research, and regional, state, and global service/engagement opportunities.

Department of Chemistry Statement of Mission

The mission of the A.R. Smith Department of Chemistry is to advance the chemical sciences by developing internationally engaged faculty who provide quality education, research, and service opportunities. We will graduate scientists who are knowledgeable in chemistry, embrace recognized standards of ethical scientific behavior, and engage in safe and sustainable chemical practices.

Faculty will:

  • Promote a multi-disciplinary curriculum development based on our American Chemical Society accreditation.
  • Mentor undergraduates in current research methods and disseminate results to the scientific community.
  • Serve as role models to students for safe and ethical professional behavior.
  • Provide students with community-based research and outreach opportunities.
  • Encourage students to value diversity and to develop a global perspective through international experiences in chemistry.

The Department of Chemistry reports to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.