Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences Statement of Essential Character

The primary focus for the department is the education of students majoring in chemistry, who are interested in pursuing careers as professional chemists, secondary school teachers, or healthcare professionals. In addition we also provide education for non-science students and other science majors. In order to keep our curriculum challenging and relevant, we participate in workshops, meetings and conferences to learn about new ideas in chemical education and employ them in our courses.  

Scholarship in the department involves the expansion of the undergraduate learning experience beyond the classroom through the establishment of externally funded research and curriculum development programs and through dissemination of the resulting peer-reviewed products and participation in national and international conferences. Active involvement in scholarship is essential to the professional development of our majors and the effectiveness of the faculty.

The department is dedicated to serving the academy through membership on College of Arts and Sciences and university-wide committees and we encourage service to the profession by active participation with regional and national professional societies. We seek to engage the community through professional consulting, K-12 outreach, laboratory services, and programs designed to enhance both the interest in and knowledge of chemistry and chemical education. We also serve as an exemplary model for chemical safety training to chemistry departments throughout the state of North Carolina.