Dr. Nicole Bennett

Dr. Bennett teaches Organic Chemistry I and II and Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry. After receiving a B.S. in Chemistry at UNC-Chapel Hill, she earned a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 1996 under the supervision of Edwin Vedejs. Dr. Bennett wrote her graduate thesis on Probing the Origins of Stereoselectivity for the Wittig Reaction of Stabilized Ylides. Following graduate school, Dr. Bennett taught Organic Chemistry at Hope College in Holland, MI for many years. She happily left the mid-west to become a professor at Appalachian in the Fall of 2002.

Dr. Bennett has three ongoing research projects that involve synthesis of small molecules that may have important pharmacological properties. They are as follows: 1) Total synthesis of taxane diterpenes using π-allyl palladium chemistry. 2) Microwave-induced preparation of substituted pyridines and 3) Formation of allylic ethers using the inverse electron-demand Diels-Alder Reaction.

Title: Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry
Department: Department of Chemistry

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Phone: (828) 262-2764

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241 I.G. Greer Hall