Honors Program in Chemistry

The A.R. Smith Department of Chemistry offers an Honors Program in Chemistry. Admissions to the honors program requires completion of CHE 1101 and CHE 1102 (Introductory Chemistry I and II), CHE 2201 (Organic Chemistry 1) or CHE 2101 (Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry) and a minimum grade-point average, both overall and in the major, of 3.20.

To graduate with “honors in chemistry,” a student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.45, overall and in chemistry, and must take nine semester hours of chemistry honors credits with a "B" average or better, including CHE 4000 (Chemistry Seminar with Honors) and CHE 4510 (Chemistry Honors Thesis).

Students may arrange to take specific chemistry courses on an honors basis by negotiating an honors contract with the course instructor before class begins. The honors contract, which was developed by the department of chemistry honors committee, allows the student to receive honors credit for a regular course in chemistry by specifying the additional assignments that the student should perform in order to receive honors credit. The departmental honors committee must approve the honors contract.